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Accounting consulting

The accounting legislation is changing consistently. It is difficult to keep up with new requirements in the regulations and do not make any mistakes and apply these requirements in practice correctly. This task can be fulfilled with the help of professional education and appropriate skills. Do you want to do your business, without spending precious time for formalities? Do you want to be insured from unpleasant surprises from supervisory authorities, partners in business or the personnel of your company?

Perhaps, you simply doubt at consequences of accounting or taxation of some particular operation? Or you feel the need to have an important internal document (policy, procedure, a contract or other)

It is our pleasure to help you to dispel doubts and meet your objectives.


Recovery of accounts

If the accounting was conducted inadequately which in turn led to loss of records and documentation (completely or partially) the company will need the recovering of accounting data.

We offer:

  • Analysis of documentation and records; assessment of tax risks;
  • Issuing of proper new documents / correction of available documents;
  • Recovery of records and reports on all stages of the financial and tax accounting;
  • Request of missing documents from suppliers and clients;
  • Calculations of taxes; preparing of tax reports; delivering tax reports to tax authorities;
  • Settlement of difficult issues (if any) with Russian tax authorities.

Russian tax reporting and compliance / Russian financial reporting

Using professional service for tax compliance and financial reporting will spare valuable time for your key activities.

Based on your records we can prepare and present to appropriate authorities:

  • financial reports according to Russian accounting standards;
  • calculations of income tax, VAT, corporate (individual) property tax, other taxes calculations;
  • calculations of statutory social insurance liabilities and statutory pension liabilities

Starting the accounting process

Any company since created has to establish the financial accounting and tax recording. When the company changes its business entirely or to some extent (e.g. new activities) the accounting process should be reorganized (changed) as well.

Our experts can establish/reorganize the accounting process in your company as follows:

Based on the analysis of the company’s activities we will perform:

  • Development of accounting policies (for financial and tax purposes);
  • Development of the forms of documentation for recording operations;
  • Development of the schedule of documents circulation;
  • Development of payroll processing;
  • Designing of the contracts with main suppliers and clients.

Outsourcing of financial reporting and tax compliance

includes the following:

  • processing of the external documents (from suppliers, clients and other stakeholders);
  • recording the information on operations, assets, liabilities, equity;
  • payroll accounting,
  • tax reporting and compliance
  • compliance with legislation for social insurance and pension
  • preparing of financial reports according to Russian accounting standards
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