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Due diligence

is a comprehensive study of companies operations, as well as financial and market position, evaluation of tax and other financial risks.

Due diligence

This service is usually requested before business acquisition, before implementation of a merger (accession), before signing of a contract or before beginning of cooperation.

The service includes:

  • a business valuation
  • An analysis of the accounting and financial reporting systems, assessment of tax risks;
  • Conducting a legal expertise of constituent documents of the company, in order to maximize detection of risks associated with its purchase.

As the result of the engagement we will prepare the following reports regarding the examined company:

  • Report on a business valuation
  • Report on verification of accounting and tax reports containing:
    • the detailed analysis of structure of revenue and expenses;
    • detailed assessment of system of internal control;
    • the detailed analysis of the main assets and obligations;
    • the full list of all detected material misstatements and violations
    • the full list of all detected material risks
    • recommendations about elimination of the detected risks, misstatements and violations
  • Report on verification of compliance with relevant legislation

What risks do we have in mind:

  • The risk of acquisition of an asset (business, a share) at the overestimated price;
  • The risk of default of a debtor;
  • The risk of loss of property, money;
  • The risk of harm (loss), for example, the business reputation;
  • The risk of legal proceedings and their consequences (eg, seizure of property);
  • The risk that the transaction will be recognized void;
  • The risk of tax, administrative or criminal liability;
  • The risk of loss of intellectual property (trade marks, industrial designs, patents, know-how, business idea, business plan, etc.);
  • The risk of not receiving or loss of relevant permits, licenses, approvals etc., that affect the project, deal, contract and the like.
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