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Аудит отчетности по МСФО

Учет по МСФО нацелен на раскрытие реального финансового положения организации (индивидуального предпринимателя). Задачей аудита отчетности, составленной по МСФО, является выражение мнения о соответствии данной отчетности требованиям международных стандартов.

Подробнее см. «Инициативный аудит»


Preparation of financial statements in accordance with IFRS

Provided that it is your case:

  • You are planning a large contract (considering the long-term cooperation) with a Russian company
  • Maybe you are considering investments in a Russian company
  • Or you have already invested in a Russian company

you would probably like to receive financial information in a form convenient for you (that is financial reports prepared in accordance with IFRS)

According to the Russian legislation preparation of financial statements in accordance with IFRS is mandatory for:

  • banks;
  • insurance companies;
  • the holdings, which prepare consolidated financial reports

All other Russian companies prepare financial statements under RAS (Russian accounting standards)

We provide the following services for reporting under IFRS:

  • Preparation of financial statements in compliance with IFRS;
  • The transformation of financial statements prepared in accordance with RAS into financial statements that comply with IFRS;
  • Consolidation of a Group of companies in accordance with IFRS

IFRS consulting

If in the process of preparing financial statements under IFRS you

  • are not sure whether some particular operations are accounted correctly and completely;
  • plan to make changes in accounting policies and want to know how it will effect the reports;
  • faced other problems in reporting.

We are ready to answer any questions regarding International and Russian accounting standards — just ask your question.

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