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Express audit

Express-audit is the rapid analysis of financial records and statements. This service will allow you to obtain the overall estimation of the risks of non-compliance with accounting standards (either Russian or IFRS) and tax legislation, while spending minimum time resources. During express-audit engagement we will examine constituent documents, the main business contracts, the financial and tax reporting for the period in question, some documents of primary records. Based on the examination we will estimate the main risks of misstatement of the financial reports and the risks of non-compliance with tax legislation.

The indisputable advantages of express audit is that you obtan maximum information, while investing minimum time and material resources.


Financial Statement Audit / according to RAS / according to IFRS

Statutory audit

— is obligatory for companies which meet the criteria set by Russian Federal law N 307-FZ «About auditor activity” from 30.12.2008.

But there are many reasons, other than legislative, for ensuring reliability of financial statements. For example:

  • you want to be sure that financial reports of your company are made in accordance with preset accounting policy;
  • you need an independent view about a group of assets (liabilities, operations) recorded in the financial reports of your company;
  • you want to be sure that your company comply with legislation for taxes, social insurance and pension

in the cases like those above you may wish to order the audit, which is non-statutory

As a result of audit engagement we will issue auditors opinion and auditors report, containing detailed description of:

  • the detected material weaknesses of the system of internal control,
  • the detected material misstatements of financial statements
  • the detected material violations of legislation for taxes, social insurance and pension;
  • recommendations for elimination of detected weaknesses, misstatements, violations.

Tax audit

Tax audit is the full-scale review of accounting system as well as tax compliance system aimed to detect all material risks of incorrect tax calculation and non-compliance with tax legislation.

We will analyze:

  • the internal control system for accounting and tax compliance function;
  • he schedule of documents circulation (the process of issuing, movement, registration and storage of documentation and accounts);
  • compliance with the principles of completeness and cut-off, which often are most risky for tax compliance;
  • compliance with other accounting principles, applicable for tax purposes.

We will take into account:

  • Results of the last tax audits, executed by tax authorities, and what tax authorities require from your company;
  • Volume and structure of tax liabilities, existence of not settled debt and past due debt.

Based on the results of the analysis and taking into account current situation with taxes liabilities concerning most significant taxes (income tax, VAT, property tax) and statutory social and pension insurance:

  • the material risks of non-compliance will be detected (either existing or potential)
  • the detailed report, containing description of:
    • detected tax risks,
    • detected violations of tax legislation;
    • recommendations how to eliminate these risks and violations.

will be prepared.

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